Ethnic jewellery

How can you make ethnic jewelry?

Ethnic jewellery is very popular and is a fashion device in its own right. Women are no longer content to just buy costume jewellery from all over the world, but enjoy making them themselves and giving free rein to their…

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How to clean and wash ethnic jewellery?

Ancient ethnic jewellery requires special care, especially those made of silver, metal or copper and natural stones like sapphire, ruby, amber, emerald stone, etc. Contemporary ethnic jewellery is less delicate, just make sure that it is not scratched and that…

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Creation of personalized jewelry online

Today, everyone has the same things. People have the same clothes, they all go to the same stores. Everybody wants to follow gold fashion, which means that everybody wears more or less the same things. How can we become a…

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Cheap gift ideas: choose costume jewellery

Today, when you go to a jewellery store, you quickly notice that costume jewellery is in the shop windows.¬†You can also see them on the wrists of countless women walking through the streets, and even on the necks of celebrities…

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Tips for choosing Swarovski jewellery

A woman who loves a piece of jewellery has a special elegance in everyone’s eyes. Still, it must be associated with an adequate outfit to be even more sublime. But the love of a piece of jewellery is not enough…

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