Jewellery style

Ethnic jewellery: which style to choose?

A woman who appreciates an ethnic style or a bohemian look will not feel very comfortable wearing classic jewellery adorned with diamonds or precious stones. The bohemian style is very trendy, with a focus on casual outfits with a touch…

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Opting for ethnic jewellery in African style

African women are very concerned about their beauty and it is inconceivable for them not to wear jewellery. A necklace made of ethnic pearls, a bracelet from Togo finely worked, a necklace from Ghana made of glass beads…African ethnic jewellery…

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Ethnic jewelry models and styles

The styles of ethnic jewellery are very rich and to choose a model of jewellery, it is necessary to take into account the material, the colours, the shapes because all jewellery does not fit with any clothing. Contemporary and traditional…

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Treating yourself with ethnic jewelry from ancient Egypt!

You have certainly already seen, on a market or on television, Egyptian jewels, such as the breastplate necklace which is undoubtedly the most famous of all. It was Queen Cleopatra who, in the past, made it possible to democratize it….

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How to choose the right jewellery for different occasions?

Women like to wear jewellery to feel beautiful, attractive, seductive. When they are about to go out, they choose from their collection of available jewellery. To go to work, to meet friends, to go to a party, everything is prepared…

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