Jewellery trends

Tutorials and techniques for creating ethnic jewellery

Most women appreciate bracelets, necklaces, ethnic pendants because these jewels are trendy and moreover they have a natural and authentic side. Ethnic costume jewellery is made by craftsmen from all over the world who use raw materials and traditional techniques…

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Latest trends in ethnic jewellery

Ethnic jewellery is very trendy and there is something for all tastes and clothing styles. In fashion collections, chic ethnic jewellery shines brightly and complements many outfits with an exotic, chic and colourful touch. It’s easy to fall in love…

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Natural and semi-precious stone jewellery

We are more and more interested in fashion. We like to accessorize our outfits according to our travels. If costume jewellery has had a lot of success, we are now looking for beautiful stones, beautiful materials, without putting a price…

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