Tutorials and techniques for creating ethnic jewellery

Most women appreciate bracelets, necklaces, ethnic pendants because these jewels are trendy and moreover they have a natural and authentic side. Ethnic costume jewellery is made by craftsmen from all over the world who use raw materials and traditional techniques to design them.

Drawing inspiration from traditional patterns to create ethical jewellery

You dream of an ethical necklace, a bracelet or a pendant inspired by tribal motifs, made of wood, pearls, leather... then start creating personalized ethnic jewellery. Indeed, with a little imagination and skill, you can create your own ethnic jewelry models using wood beads, shells, African fabrics. It is possible to create a nice ethnic necklace by juxtaposing small wooden plates of different colors and sizes. Nothing could be simpler than to create an ethnic pendant using wooden beads and charms that match. If you are new to creating ethnic jewelry, start with simple designs such as earrings made with wooden beads, feathers, and shells.

Match your ethnic jewellery

To start creating ethnic jewellery, start with a simple piece such as an ethnic pendant that you can later match with the ethnic bracelet and necklace that goes with it. These costume jewels can be worn in numbers, just choose colors that match the outfit you are going to wear them with. You can find tutorials to help you multiply the creations, some more beautiful than others. When it comes to ethnic jewellery, there is something for all tastes and styles and you can draw inspiration from a multitude of motifs and materials to create your own jewellery.

Ethnic jewellery to make yourself

Before starting your own ethnic jewelry creations, you can start by copying an already existing model that you like. Create an original ethnic pendant or an ethnic necklace inspired by African, Native American etc. motifs, combining shapes, colours and materials that you like and that are reminiscent of nature. Make a list of the materials you need and visit a hobby shop to equip yourself and have everything you need to assemble the jewellery you want to create.
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