Treating yourself with ethnic jewelry from ancient Egypt!

You have certainly already seen, on a market or on television, Egyptian jewels, such as the breastplate necklace which is undoubtedly the most famous of all. It was Queen Cleopatra who, in the past, made it possible to democratize it. Discover why buying or offering Egyptian jewellery that represents the Eye of Horus or the Egyptian cross (cross of Ankh) is an idea that is both original and seductive!

A fascinating civilization in every way

Ancient Egypt has fascinated travellers and archaeologists from all over the world for thousands of years. Already in the time of Ancient Greece, scholars tried to unravel the mysteries of its imposing pyramids and all the symbols that accompany them: Egyptian cross or cross of Ankh, sacred beetle, Eye of Horus? They are often found on the Egyptian jewels that decorated the tombs of the most illustrious pharaohs. These mummies, sarcophagi and intriguing writing have contributed to the transmission of Egyptian heritage through the centuries to us. Even today, despite considerable advances in science, the history of the Egyptians remains as secret as their tombs. It is undoubtedly for these reasons that we can affirm that ancient Egypt is the greatest civilization in our history.

A very varied range of jewellery and symbols

In their time, during antiquity, the Egyptian nobles who lived in the court of the pharaoh wore beautiful Egyptian necklaces and bracelets adorned with gold and a thousand colours. It was a race to find the one who would best honor the many gods of the Egyptian pantheon, especially thanks to the symbols venerated by the priests: Eye of Horus, Egyptian cross or Ankh, and many others. The Egyptian heritage is rich in an impressive collection of jewellery and devices that are still copied today and have greatly influenced our modern jewellery. For example, our ethnic breastplate necklaces resemble the breastplate necklaces worn by the followers of the Pharaohs.

A timeless charm and mystery that never goes out of fashion

It is the most admirable thing that can be said to offer Egyptian bracelets, their ethnic faceplates and all the components of their jewellery: they have crossed time, centuries and civilizations on all continents without ever falling into oblivion, without ever going out of fashion. Today, you will see many people who care about their style and appearance proudly wearing an Egyptian ethnic breastplate without it seeming strange or superficial. In the same way, the Egyptian bracelets that are so characteristic can be seen daily on the wrists of young and old alike in cities throughout France. If you want the guarantee of having original and timeless jewellery, you know what you have to do!
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