Natural and semi-precious stone jewellery

We are more and more interested in fashion. We like to accessorize our outfits according to our travels. If costume jewellery has had a lot of success, we are now looking for beautiful stones, beautiful materials, without putting a price tag on it. If gold and silver are sure values, natural stones and semi-precious stones bring freshness and colour to our outfits. Did you know that they also have the power to heal us? Nowadays, we seek to heal ourselves in a more natural way, without the use of medication. We are refocusing on our body, our mind, our well-being. And the stones take care of that.

Lithotherapy: what exactly is it?

Etymologically, the lithotherapy is the therapy by the stones. Minerals have powers, benefits that have an influence on our whole being. Every day, our body is surrounded by all kinds of energies, whether positive or negative. They pass through our body and tire it. These energies also come from us, from our emotional state, from our spiritual state. Why are you tired today? Why are you sad today? Our energies change all the time, depending on our day (work, meeting, annoyance, emotion, lassitude...) We cannot manage them all. They overwhelm us. Our emotions have a real impact on our body and they change the vibratory frequency of our emotional state. According to the principles of this therapy, minerals can help us put our energies back in order and help us fight negative energies. Each mineral has a strong energy. You must choose the one that corresponds to your state because each mineral has specific characteristics. You can visit if you are interested in learning more about lithotherapy and natural stones virtues. Crystallization has played a role in their composition. Possessing a stone that corresponds to our state will have an influence on our health. It is still necessary to believe in it. Because if you have any doubts, you will find it difficult to see the benefits of the power of stones. Do you often get migraines? Do you have trouble sleeping? The answer may lie in the semi-precious stones. If you are often stressed by your daily life, you can also use minerals to help you regain serenity. Feeling tired? Find the right stone for you. But to do so, you need to know some of their characteristics and let yourself go. Believing in this holistic healing method can be confusing. But once you have tried it, you will not be able to do without it.

A stone, a color, characteristics

The virtues of the stones will depend on their color and crystallization. Their composition is complex, but you don't need to know anything about mineralogy to understand them. Here is a list of some minerals that you can find in jewellers, who are very fond of these semi-precious stones to create sublime jewels. The colour of the stones is just as important as your own. It is essential to know your color in order to find the stone that corresponds to your aura. Each color corresponds to a vibration and a wavelength. Without going into the physical details of light, the colors of the stones are obtained according to the light that is reflected on them. Our eyes perceive only a part of the light spectrum. The stone has absorbed a part, our eyes see the rest. If the stone is black, the entire spectrum has been absorbed. If it is white, the opposite has happened. The spectrum has been reflected. When light reflects, a vibration is created. Depending on customs and cultures, colours have different meanings, but here are some of their most common meanings. Primary colours are the colours that are the basis of all colours. Note the peculiarity of white and black. There is no question of nuance (dark red, light red...). The red, whether it is dark, light, sprinkled with white keeps its symbolic characteristics. Red is the symbol of fire and blood, passion. Red is the colour of courage but it is also the colour of love: red roses are indeed the flowers of love. Blue represents the sky and the sea. It is a natural element. Yellow is the colour of gold, the precious metal. It has the power of the sun. It is the colour of the mind, of the intellect, of reason. Orange, a secondary colour, is composed of yellow and red. Friendship and relationships are symbolized by orange. Green is composed of blue and yellow. Just like blue and yellow, green is the colour of nature, of plants, of growth. It is the symbol of life. Purple, composed of blue and red, represents magic, wisdom. The black stones are the stones linked to death, to darkness. But they are protective stones. The transparent stones are the symbol of purity, of knowledge. So here are some of the natural and semi-precious stones that could channel your energies. Agate: There are many varieties of agate: chalcedony, carnelian, saddleback... It brings calm, allows you to make decisions. It gives strength and courage to the wearer. It helps you to cross the capes of your life. Aquamarine: In the Buddhist tradition, it represents the balance between ying and yang. In the Middle Ages, sailors took this stone which had the power to protect them. It is the stone of the artists of freshness, cheerfulness. It heals problems with the throat and the eyes. If you often suffer from allergies, it will decongest your sinuses. The black tourmaline: This stone, as its name indicates, is black. It removes negative energies. It will act on the waves where you place it. At the time of digital technology and the waves that surround us, it will protect us from various waves such as electromagnetic waves. Amethyst: It is one of the most famous stones. Its purple colour distinguishes it from all the others. In the Celtic tradition, it is a prote happiness. It will move away the negative waves, the evil spells and the black magic. It protects from nightmares and eliminates toxins. It is a stone called spiritual, very powerful. The rock crystal: The rock crystal is also a stone very used in the conception of jewels. It is a colorless stone. It has a purifying effect. It unblocks energies and allows them to flow freely through your body without any barrier. It repels bad waves, at home and at work. It is a stone that brings peace and harmony. Jade: Jade brings serenity, calm and harmony. It is the symbol of honesty and good fortune. On the health level, it acts on urinary diseases. It strengthens the immune system. Quartz: It calms restless children. They will also heal heartache and bring gentleness and tenderness. It helps us to find sleep. It is the stone of inner peace. Put it in the bedroom. Topaz: They come in all colours: the imperial topaz will have a power on our liver and on the spleen. It helps with the healing process. The blue topaz helps you to fall asleep and heals throat problems. White topaz cures migraine. Green topaz cures tension problems. Turquoise: The properties of this stone are numerous: if you work in the field of communication, this is the stone for you. It favours exchanges, absorbs bad energies. It brings positive in your life. There are still many stones to discover. But how to wear them? Why not opt for a jewel in order to benefit from the properties of stones all day long?

Jewelry with semi precious stones and natural stones

There are many jewellers who have decided to take natural or semi-precious stones in order to make jewellery. There is a wide choice of jewellery: bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings... The stones are taken in their natural state. The jeweller polishes it slightly. Others rework the stones to give them a specific shape. The jewellers marry the stones according to their characteristics but also according to their aesthetics. The stone must remain the star of the jewel. When it is worn as a pendant, the necklace is a simple black cord. The pendant, imposing, brilliant, is the essential element of your outfit. Take the time to ask for advice in order to find the stone(s) that match your colour and your emotions of the moment. A real pleasure to change jewels to be found in the shop of lithotherapy.
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