How to clean and wash ethnic jewellery?

Ancient ethnic jewellery requires special care, especially those made of silver, metal or copper and natural stones like sapphire, ruby, amber, emerald stone, etc. Contemporary ethnic jewellery is less delicate, just make sure that it is not scratched and that it is kept away from humidity. If necessary, ethnic jewellery can be washed.

Tips and tricks for the care of ethnic jewellery

What matters a lot is that ethnic jewellery is kept in good conditions when you are not wearing it. Indeed, humidity and heat do not always go well with ethnic jewellery. This advice is all the more valid when it comes to older, more fragile jewellery that has been handcrafted. Because they have a certain history behind them, they may show signs of wear or lack shine. To take care of ethnic jewellery, a small blow of a soft cloth from time to time will allow them to regain their lustre. Washing ethnic jewellery should be reserved for those made of washable materials such as textiles.

Cleaning ethnic metal jewellery

To care for ethnic jewellery, especially delicate pieces, avoid chemicals and use natural ingredients such as lemon, vinegar (with a little salt added) or toothpaste. In fact, there's nothing like a little toothpaste on an old toothbrush to wash your ethnic jewellery to make it shine and shine again. To clean metal ethnic jewellery, it is usually sufficient to run it under cold water and then dry it well using a soft, clean cloth.

Caring for tribal ethnic jewellery

The cleaning of authentic and ancient ethnic jewellery such as necklace, bracelet, pendant, earrings, requires special attention. To preserve their beauty, avoid damaging them and scratching them, never use a cloth that is not suitable for this type of cleaning. To maintain its ethnic jewels, preferably use a 100% cotton cloth which makes it possible to give them back their original brightness without scratching them. To prevent ethnic jewellery from tarnishing and losing their shine, get into the habit of wrapping them in tissue paper before placing them in an airtight plastic bag. Ethnic jewellery has a long journey behind it, sometimes through time and space, and must be taken care of.
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