How to choose the right jewellery for different occasions?

Women like to wear jewellery to feel beautiful, attractive, seductive. When they are about to go out, they choose from their collection of available jewellery. To go to work, to meet friends, to go to a party, everything is prepared by choosing the right outfit and some devices. Jewelry is an essential complement to any outfit.

The weekend rendezvous with friends

This will not happen without wearing your favourite outfit and the appropriate jewellery. We want to look good during this type of appointment, but we don't need to ask ourselves too many questions, because we meet people who have known us for many years. Usually we choose a nice blouse and jeans. An interesting solution is also to wear a comfortable and sporty dress. Such a dress does not require extravagant or flashy jewellery, simple earrings one or two rings or a bracelet with pendants are enough. This type of jewellery is not very elegant, but at the same time emphasizes the feminine advantages. For people who like simple styling with a uniform colour, an interesting solution is earrings coloured with crystals.

Business meetings

Business meetings and delegation trips require the preparation of a more stylish outfit. Suits, elegant dresses, blouses and skirts are the right solution. The choice of jewellery for this type of style must be thought out. Simple silver or gold earrings with screws and thin dangling earrings are a good choice. Jewellery for a business meeting should not be too big but should be highlighted. It is important that it is a delicate decorative element for all your chic outfits.

Gala evenings, weddings and special events

Chic dresses and high-heeled shoes are a perfect outfit for parties and weddings. Dresses in a uniform colour, for example black, are an interesting solution. The ideal solution for this type of creation is to use black shoes and beautiful red dangling earrings. This set creates the perfect contrast between the combination of black and red. Jewellery for special events should be richly decorated and rich. However, don't overdo it with artifice, especially if you want to wear a remarkable and dazzling dress. A gold medal and trinkets can create a kitschy impression. Therefore, it is best to choose a uniformly coloured dress and brighten it up with interesting and colourful jewellery.

Rules for wearing jewellery

For many years there have been certain rules regarding the wearing of jewelry. In the past, body devices indicated a person's status. Kings, princes and persons in power wore many necklaces and other jewellery that emphasised the representative functions. Today, the ring on the ring finger of the right hand is a well-known and legible sign of wearing jewellery. This allows you to notice that a woman is married. Women who have become widows put the wedding ring back on the ring finger of their left hand after the husband's death. Another tradition is that of engagement, where the engagement ring is worn on the right hand: after the wedding, replace the ring with a wedding band and place it on your left hand or keep it as a souvenir.

Some aesthetic advice on wearing jewellery

1. The first piece of advice is the rule that the earlier the time of day, the more modest jewellery should be. Do not wear large earrings and flashy necklaces during the morning hours. 2. Every day we should wear jewellery without gemstones. Simple gold and silver rings, chains, earrings and bracelets are appropriate. An exception is the engagement ring, which should be worn at all times. 3. Dress code works best with the ears behind the ear, a delicate ring or engagement ring and a thin chain around the neck. Jewellery at work should not be too decorative and striking. 4. For special events, weddings and large parties, richly decorated jewellery is recommended. Shiny stones, necklaces and wedding earrings are the best types of jewelry for such events. 5. 5. Wearing more than two rings on one hand should be prohibited. It is not nice to put two rings on one finger and put everything together. 6. In the evening, when we go to a meeting and put on a necklace, it is worth removing the scarf. 7. A brooch is only the perfect ornament when we don't have a necklace. 8. There should be no jewellery for funeral ceremonies. Nowadays, clothing trends determine the fashion for jewellery. Appropriate additions to the style can make a small but rewarding impression. Chic hangings and asymmetrical buckles give us a glimpse of an elegant look. You should also remember not to overwhelm your look with too much jewellery. Highly visible earrings, a necklace, a bracelet with pendants and a colourful dress can create a kitsch effect. You should also pay attention to the colour and tone of your hair. For people with dark complexions and brown or black hair, gold jewellery will look great, while on blonde hair and fair skin, silver will look great.
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